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All scribes in the Knowne Worlde!

The winners of the Scribal contest at An Tir's 12th Night January 11-13, 2013 Three Mountains Clackamas & Multnomah Counties, OR.

Entry categories are:


Tvorimir Danilov for Esclarmonde de Porcairage's Wyewood Knot


Ismenia Wystan

Wyewood Knot  


Tamlyn of Wyntersea for William Arwemakere's OGGS scroll


Dona Temetgen de Worde

William Arwemakere OGGS scroll  


David de Rosier-Blanc


Ursel Lindenhayn



If you would like a photograph of your scroll to appear on this site, please sign and include a "Scribal Art Release Form" so that we can electronically scan and use your piece on the An Tir College of Scribes' Webpages.
The form can be found here


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