July Coronation 2004 Contest Scrolls

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Scroll for Etienne d'Avignon
Scribe is Keterlin Von Der Drachen
Contact info: home phone 541-245-2902
Won: Populace Choice
Scroll for Rafaella d'Allemtejo
Scribes are Tegan of Conwy (calligraphy) and Alexandria D K & Tegan of Conwy (illumination)
Contact info: Tegan (at) scribe.sca.org; 503-266-7218
Won: Calligraphy; Best use of Heraldry
Scroll for Elspeth of Wye Forest
Scribes are Anya de Challis (calligraphy) and Eleanor de Sackville (illumination)
Contact info: 6226 NE 32nd Ave, Portland OR 97211

This is the first Kingdom scroll for these scribes!
Scroll for Sir Caius Livius Varus Germanicusn
Scribe is Ursula Georges
Contact info: 2233 NE 46th St Apt 107, Seattle WA 98105; 206-729-7236
Won: Novice

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