In An Tir's past, promissory notes were given by the Crown when there was not enough time to prepare a proper scroll. During that period, the Crown obligated itself to supply the recipient with an Award Scroll at some unspecified future date. In time, the College of Scribes was no longer able to keep up with the number of promissories yet needing to be fulfilled and the Scroll Backlog came into existence.

In due course, some very clever Scribes conceived of the idea of making Award Charters. Charters are hand-painted quality reproductions of a Master Design and are official signed and sealed documents of the Crown. The presentation of a Charter ends the Royal obligation to provide an Award Scroll to the recipient. The Kings and Queens of An Tir, with good reason, proudly adopted the practice of presenting Charters as a means to slow the ever growing scroll backlog. Today, it is a common and joyfully accepted tradition for a person receiving an Award of Arms to be given a Charter Scroll detailing their Award. This process has also allowed for recipients to obtain a beautiful manuscript without waiting to move up on the backlog list.


~ the quick and easy way ~

"Award of Arms" Charters are now available for all past reigns. If you received an Award of Arms from a past King and Queen of An Tir and were presented with a promissory note, The College of Scribes can fulfill your promissory with a uniquely painted Charter Scroll.

To order your Charter, please send your request to the HL Laurin of Rosewood