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An Tir COS: Charters

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Information for Scribes

  • The Royal Scribe's Webpage
  • The Royal Scribe's Guidebook

  • The An Tir College of Scribes - Charter Guidebook - BIG - 3.25 MB

  • The Charter - from Conception to Presentation

  • Design Guide - for Kingdom "Charter Masters"
  • Designer's "Art Release Form"
  • "Artist's Release Form" for Multiple Works

  • Tools and Materials:
  • Basic Designer's Kit

  • Design Elements:
  • Charter Texts
  • An Tir's Great Seal & Signet Ring Seal
  • Layout Examples - Portrait
  • Layout Examples - Landscape
  • Heraldry on Charters - Do's and Dont's
  • An Tir Grant Award Badges

  • Technique:
  • Basic Charter Construction - by Carla Sans Question
  • Charter Construction - by Elisabetta Annisa Gabrielli
  • Process for Charter Masters - by Eleanor de Sackville

  • Calligraphy:
  • Charter Calligraphy Basics
  • Ruling off Guidelines for Calligraphy
  • a Digital Guideline Generator!
  • Using the Correctly Sized Pen Nib

  • Foreign Hands:
  • pseudo-Arabic ductus
  • pseudo-Cyrillic ductus
  • pseudo-Greek ductus
  • Elder Futhark - Germanic - 2nd to 8th CE
  • Younger Futhark - Scandanavian - 8th to 12th CE
  • Glossing a Foreign Text

  • Illumination:
  • Charter Illumination Basics

  • Charter Master Examples:
  • Gothic Style "AoA" - by Wynn Constantine
  • Norse Style "AoA" - by Ragnar Haerulangr
  • Russian Style "Goutte de Sang" - by Bronwen Elgars

  • Tools and Materials:
  • Basic Painter's Kit

  • Special Element Painting Requirements:
  • Heraldic Colors
  • Goutte de Sang
  • Grey Goose Shaft
  • Hastae Leonis
  • Jambe de Lion
  • Lion et de la Lance (no badge registered)
  • White Scarf

  • Technique:
  • Color Theory
  • Claude Boutet's 12 Color Wheel - circa 1708
  • Ignaz Schiffermueller's Color Wheel - circa 1775
  • Owen Jones' Color Tips - circa 1856
  • Charter Painting - The Basic Two Dimensional Technique
  • Charter Painting - The Basic Three Dimensional Techniques
  • Charter Painting - The Basic Detailing Techniques
  • Charter Painting - Technique Examples
  • The Gottingen Model Book - by Johannes Gutenburg

  • Painted Examples:
  • Novice (coming soon)
  • Intermediate (coming soon)
  • Advanced (coming soon)


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