~ The Affirmation ~

An Achievement Document is given for an Award, Grant or Patent of Arms and displays the recipient's registered heraldic device. These maunscripts must include both the blazon (text) and emblazon (colored graphic) in their design. Records of achievement may only be created for recipient's who have a registered heraldic device and no other type of award document may depict either the blazon or the emblazon upon it.

AnTir's Black Lion Principal Herald must attest that the recipient's name and device have been registered with the College of Arms and correctly rendered upon the manuscript. Black Lion does this by placing signature and seal upon the document. A corroboration statement should be provided for Black Lion and the following are some examples:

Black Lion Principal Herald - Affirmation of Arms

I, Black Lion Principal Herald of An Tir, do attest that said arms have been duly registered with the College of Arms

I, Black Lion Principal Herald, do hereby attest by my signature that this document bears true arms.

Being required by The Crown of An Tir to make a search of the records of my office for the arms of the aforementioned gentle, I do find that [he/she] may lawfully bear the arms herein mentioned. In witness thereof I, Black Lion Herald, set my hand.

In obedience to the command of Their Majesties I have made search in the registers and records of my office and do find that the aforesaid (name of recipient) may lawfully bear these arms. In witness whereof I, Black Lion Principal set my hand and seal.

Black Lion Herald testifies that the armories depicted and blazoned herein belong to the aforenamed gentle to use, bear and show forth at all times.

By seal and signature, Black Lion Principal Herald testifies that the armories depicted and blazoned herein belong unto the said (name of recipient) to use, bear and show forth at all times

The Colllege of Arms, finding no impediment to the arms here emblazoned, assign their exclusive use to (name of recipient)

Veritis este - (this is true)

Verum est - (it is true)

NOTE: "Black Lion Principal Herald" is registered to the Kingdom of AnTir as the heraldic title of the Kingdom Herald. If "Black Lion Herald" were translated into another language, the College mof Heralds would allow it to be registered by another group (as long as it did not sound like "Black Lion" when spoken). Thus, when creating a scroll in a foreign language the words "Black Lion" must remain untranslated.

NOTE: If none of these phrases suits your writing style, there are fabulous text examples included in all of the Laurel Kingdom Scribal Handbooks. You can find links to these Handbooks under the Resources label on the - Info for Scribes - webpage. The extra research can pay off in some pretty good fun and learning too.

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