Be kind to Your Scribe!

Saying “thank you” can make someone’s whole year!

Have you ever gotten an award charter or scroll that just took your breath away?

Were you in awe of the artistry and the hours of work that went into creating this one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is all for you?

If so, congratulations! You well earned that recognition and are very deserving of that beautiful award.

Do you know who created it? Were there several artisans or just one? If you do not know finding out can be as simple as asking the Royal Scribe or asking Sable Sable, the Kingdom Scribe. We usually either know or can find out for you.

Why is it important to know? Because as a scribe it is very nice to get the occasional “thank you” from the recipient of our work. Most of the time the beautifully illuminated charters or wondrous scrolls are handed in to Their Majesties or the Coronets and the scribe never sees them again. In the case of charters, we usually do not know who eventually receives it.

We encourage all of the artists to put their names on the back of charters they illuminate, but this happens less often than we would like it to.

If you know, or can find out, who created your award it is a lovely gesture to send a thank you card, or thank them in person, or even post up a picture on the scribes group and say “Thank you, this is lovely and I appreciate your making it for me.”

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their work. Even Scribes.

If you are commissioning an original scroll, you will likely be working with a scribe to get exactly the piece of art you desire. In that case you should read Why you might consider compensating your scribe

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