The Original Scroll

On those occasions when Their Majesties desire to present an individual with a completely unique document, a Scribe is solicited prior to the day of presentation, to create a Scroll befitting the recipient.

Most generally, original Scrolls are created for the Patent or Augmentation of Arms. If the individual has registered heraldry, the Scroll customarily includes Their Majesties’ gift of the blazon and emblazon of the recipient’s heraldic achievement.

Scrolls may also be given for non-armigerous awards (which do not include personal heraldry) and may even be given to include more than one award. Examples of these are the An Tir Champions’ Scrolls, the Sable Scrivener, the Mano do Oro, the Carp, etc. It is however Their Majesties prerogative to present an original scroll for any award they bestow.

It is preferred by Their Majesties that all recognized individuals receive their document on the day of recognition and plans are typically made in order to meet that goal. Sometimes however, recognition is made spontaneously by Their Majesties and then a Scribe is assigned to create the Scroll “after-the-fact”.

Scrolls are normally personalized for the recipient and since Their Majesties hold most awards in confidence until the award day, a Wrangler is often appointed. The Wrangler assists the Scribe in secretly ascertaining the recipient’s preferences for their scroll. The Wrangler is someone who has a close personal relationship with the recipient or has easy access to others with similar affiliations.

Alternatively, if the scroll is not prepared prior to the award date, the Scribe is then able to work directly with the recipient to discuss and identify personal preferences. This circumstance provides the recipient the ability to finance any purchases of special elements, like real parchment or gold leaf, for the Scribe’s use on their scroll.

It is the ideal that an armigerous award be accompanied by a Heraldic Achievement Scroll. Sometimes though, the recipient has not yet registered a heraldic device and an achievement scroll can not be created. Their Royal Majesties may choose then to give a promissory note, a charter or a non-armigerous scroll at the time of the award.

When the recipient finally registers a heraldic device it is acceptable to approach the An Tir College of Scribes to request the creation of the personalized Achievement Scroll. Sable Sable, Kingdom Scribe assigns the task to a scribal artisan, the scribe and recipient confer to create the desired piece and Sable Sable, or their Backlog Deputy, assists in acquiring the gifting Royalty’s and Black Lion’s signatures and seals.

A Knights Scroll

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