Kingdom Scribal Officers

The administrative staff of the An Tir College of Scribes

The Great Seal of An Tir

Sable Sable

The Kingdom Scribe, primary officer for Scribal activities in An Tir. This office is also known as the Sable Sable Herald. The Kingdom Scribe oversees all scribal activities within An Tir, and is the keeper of the Great Seal of An Tir, holding it in safe trust and readiness for  Their Majesties need. In the event any of the deputy positions are unfilled, they then take on those duties, as well. Their term of office is two years, with the option to renew for two more. This office reports to Black Lion Principal Herald.

The three arms of the Kingdom Scribe’s office are: – Fostering the scribal arts – Cultivating scribes’ talents – Designing scrolls for award recipients.

Deputies serve at the discretion of Sable Sable and are generally retained or replaced by each new officer. A deputies term of office expires when term
of appointing officer expires, in order to give the incoming officer
the freedom to staff as they see fit. Deputy positions may be added or eliminated at the will of Sable Sable. The current deputies to this office are:

Sable Demi-Signet

Demi-Signet is the contingency deputy for Sable Sable. This deputy is in place should the office of Kingdom Scribe need a hasty replacement. The contingency deputy is knowledgeable in the workings of the Scribal office, ready to step in at need and is able to be an interim officer until a suitable replacement is found. Typically this position is held by the prior Sable Sable, but not always.

Sable Scroll Historian

The Sable Scroll Historian deputies job is two-fold: They keep the files of unused charters for all past reigns, to make them available as needed for replacements, and to preserve the history of these scribal works.

They also maintain and update the backlog which serves to record recipients of scrolls and their scribes. They work to help recipients of custom scrolls who have not yet received them to find and commission a scribe to assist them with getting their custom scrolls made. They facilitate the connection between scribe and recipient, they do not do the scrolls themselves.

Sable Preceptor

Sable Preceptor is charged with keeping scribal active in the Kingdom including, but not limited to, scribal education and scribal contests. They act as a resource for Event Stewards and others in staging scribal competitions. They also assist the Argent Scroll Herald in organizing The An Tir Heraldic and Scribal Symposiums.

Sable Preceptor also manages the An Tir Backlog Scribal Competitions.

Sable Spider

This is the College of Scribes website administrator. They are responsible for running and maintaining the scribal webpage. This responsibility includes updating information on the webpage as needed, creating a clean and easy to navigate page, and insuring all links and databases are accessible. The Sable Spider works closely with the kingdom web minister and other Signet deputies to ensure up to date information and accessibility.


All warranted Scribal branch officers are required to report directly to the Kingdom Scribe, Sable Sable, on a quarterly basis.

Those within the Principalities of Tir Righ and the Summits report to their Principality Scribe’s office.

Kingdom Scribal deputies report directly to Sable Sable.

The reporting schedule is as follows:
First Quarter: (Jan – March) due 1st of May
Second Quarter: (April – June) due 1st of August
Third Quarter: (July – Sept) due 1st of November
Fourth Quarter: (Oct – Dec) due 1st of February

Reports may be submitted via the form here.

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