The 48 Hour Backlog Scroll Contests

Clearing the scroll backlog one competition at a time!

Tokens for the first four Competitions

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In July of 2020, during the height of the Covid lockdowns, Maminka the Bohemian approached Sable Sable with an idea; a contest to help clear the Kingdom scrolls backlog and get scribes working on their art during the shutdown. It was a fine idea, and Sable Sable pointed her at the Backlog Deputy, Braith, and gently shoved. These two powerhouses took off and ran with it.

Being able to be behind the scenes and watch how this wonderful group of scribes came together, encouraged and helped each other and just had a great time over the course of this contest was truly an honor.

They cleared a lot of the backlog, and now many of them are pressing on and taking on even MORE backlog scrolls! From that initial competition the An Tir 48 Hour Scribal Competitions were born.

What they did is a great service to An Tir and that even scribes from other Kingdoms were participating just makes me so happy.

Thank you to Maminka for having a great idea and seeing it through to such amazing results. Also – being no fool, I promptly made her Sable Preceptor, my deputy for Scribal Education and Contests.

Well done, everyone.

Arnora Sable Sable

From a Facebook post by Maminka:

This past weekend an inaugural 48 hour scribal competition was held to help ease some of the backlog scrolls in An Tir. It was a fantastic inter-kingdom event!

34 scribes, from around the Knowne World stepped up to take part in this awesome challenge and produced, magnificently I must add, 28 scrolls that will be heading out for seals & signatures, and then delivered to some very patient and deserving people in the populace. Some of these scrolls have been in the backlog since 1987!

The scribes were challenged with an unknown recipient, with 3 hours max of consultation and to incorporate a theme of pollination & partnership in their piece.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my admiration and pride in what these scribes did in that 48 hours. Yes, they produced fantastic works of art… but it was much more than that. It was how they came together as a group and supported, cheered, and held each other up. They showed a spirit of camaraderie that is the essence of this game we play. They got a blind challenge and stood their ground to face the challenges, to overcome their fear and uncertainty. They exhibited the epitome of Chivalry, Honour, and Grace. They live the Dream. They are what makes our game special. I cannot commend this behaviour enough. They are all superstars. I am honored & humbled to be a part of something so special.

Thank you to Arnora Sable Sable Kingdom Scribe & Sadhbh Bheag Red Flame Herald for helping with the flurry of questions at the start, you both were amazing.



The Contests: Please note, we do not have images for every scroll that was done, but they were all beautiful!

The First Contest

The Second Contest

The Third Contest

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