The An Tir College of Scribes

Our Mission

The An Tir College of Scribes exists solely to serve at the pleasure of Their Most Royal Majesties An Tir. It is the honored duty of the College to inscribe the Words and the Will of The Monarchs on hand-lettered and illuminated documents ~ which serve to commemorate the honors, achievements and titles bestowed upon the populace by the Exalted Sable Lion Throne.

In order that all An Tirian Scribes may come to delight The Crown and Court with their expert artistry, the College endeavors to promote the study and practice of the medieval scribal and heraldic arts and to provide educational opportunities that encourage individual growth and skill development.

The College is made up of talented and hardworking artisans and teachers. Many of these scribes may be found generously proffering their services also to the Principalities, Baronies and other smaller groups that collectively make up the Sovereign Lands of the Kingdom of An Tir.

Their service to Crown and Country is their art, their honor and their pleasure.

May it be that our service is ever joyful and an enrichment to An Tir.

Baroness Arnora Sable Sable

An Tir Kingdom Scribe

The Regalia of the College of Scribes

Officers and Deputies of the College of Scribes:

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