The Royal Scribes

Those who serve each reign by supplying Their Majesties awards needs

Individuals who serve as the Royal Scribe are sought out and retained by The Royal Heirs prior to the commencement of Their Reign as King and Queen of An Tir. The Royal Scribe is responsible for managing the production of Their Majesties’ award documents throughout Their reign on the Sable Lion Throne.

They oversee award charter production (design, wordsmithing, calligraphy, artwork, printing, distribution, painting, and personalization), commissions custom scrolls and/or objects given as awards, sees that awards are signed and sealed as needed, and works closely with the Court Coordinator to deliver all these in a timely manner.

The Royal Scribe also works closely with the Kingdom Scribe to obtain sufficient stocks of paper and Kingdom Seals to meet the needs of the reign.

The An Tir Charter Design Guidebook

Current Reign Royal Scribe

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