Armigerous vs Non-armigerous awards

An Armigerous Award is an Award, Grant or Patent of Arms. All other awards are non-Armigerous.

In our Kingdom of An Tir, the Award of Arms is mainly nonspecific. The specialized Orders of the Goutte de Sang, Grey Goose Shaft, Hastae Leonis, Jambe de Lion, Lion et de la Lance and White Scarf each carry a Grant of Arms. The Noble Peerage Orders of the Chivalry, Laurel and Pelican and the Royal Peerage Orders of the Viscounty, County and Duchy each carry a Patent of Arms.


The Heraldic Achievement Scroll is one that documents an Armigerous Award. In order to create a Heraldic Achievement Scroll:

  • The Name of the recipient and the recipient’s device must first be properly registered with the SCA College of Arms
  • The Scribe must spell the recipient’s name and the blazon of the heraldic device correctly in the text of the scroll and must create an accurate and prominent emblazon of the device in the graphic
  • The Scroll must have space reserved for An Tir’s Black Lion Principal Herald to sign and place the Black Lion Seal

Black Lion Principal Herald will confirm the accuracy of the recipient’s name and blazon in the scroll text and the accuracy of the emblazon in the scroll graphic. If verifiable, Black Lion will then sign and seal the scroll.


Any scroll that does not document an Award, Grant or Patent of Arms must:

  • NOT have prominent Personal Armory depicted
  • NOT have a heraldic blazon included in the Text
  • NOT have the Black Lion Principal Herald’s Signature or Seal

~Note: Use of the Arms of the Kingdom of An Tir on any scroll is somewhat circumscribed. When used on an Achievement Scroll, the Kingdom’s device must be less prominent than the device of the recipient.

For further information about heraldic achievements see An Tir Achievement Customs

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