Heraldic Achievements

What is an Heraldic Achievement?

An Achievement is a “formal” display of personal or civic armory.  Armory is often used in informal methods of display,  such  as  painting  the  heraldic  device  onto  personal  belongings  or  stitching  it  onto  a  field  banner. 

Sometimes,  however,  a  formal  display  of  personal  armory is  called  for,  as  on  an  official  document  detailing  an Award, Grant or Patent of Arms modeled after similar period recordings.

An  Achievement  always  includes  some  sort  of  shield shape,  upon  which  the  arms  are  rendered.    It  may  also contain  other  elements,  called  “addiments”  which  surround  the  shield.    Each  Kingdom  has  an  addiment convention.    In  An  Tir,  the  rank  of  an  individual  or branch  establishes  which  addiments  may  be  used  in  an achievement.  

Personal rank is determined by armigerous award bestowed by the Crown of An Tir.  

Civic rank is determined by branch type. 

The document at the link below details each type of Achievement and the components for each level of rank.

Heraldic Achievements in An Tir

The full heraldic achievement of the Barony of Wealdsmere
The full heraldic achievement for the Barony of Wealdsmere

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