Resource Sites

These are links to other sites that may be of use to Scribes. Links on the internet change constantly, if you encounter a broken link please report it and we will fix or remove it. We do not endorse the accuracy of any of these sites, they are here as a resource for your researches.

An Tir Awards and Orders – from 1996, but still helpful


Bjorn’s Heraldry Corner – multiple images of An Tir Heraldry

Viking Answer Lady

Royal University of the Midrealm YouTube Channel with a great section of scribal classes.

The Metropolitan Museum (New York) Searchable by Time, Place, other.

The Book of Traceable Heraldic Art

Illuminating the Renaissance: The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe

British Library images of Persian manuscripts

Fifteenth Century English Patents of Arms

Where do I find sources for award texts?

Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

Manuscripts of Medieval France with Vernacular Texts

Scribal Resources for SCAdians

Text- Medieval apprenticeship contracts

Heraldry & Seals- Seals of Burgundy– images of seals on burgundian documents- lots of heraldry

Museums- Bodleian Library, UK-Western manuscripts page

Directories- Kingdom of Atlantia Scribal collection– many links to images

Directories- Manuscriptorium – another collection of “what’s out there”

Museums- Pierpont Morgan Library

Museums- British Library’s “Turning the Pages” site

Directories- AEMMA online library-this goes to the 16th C page– click other centuries at the top

Museums- Library of Congress

Museums- Auckland Public Library Medieval Manuscripts– Flickr Page

Museums- J Paul Getty Museum– has a great collection of beautiful manuscripts

Medieval Manuscripts on the Web

Museums- Huntington Library

Museum- Newberry Medieval and Renaissance Collection

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