Wordsmiths are those who compose the text for awards, scrolls, charters. They also write the ceremonials for all Kingdom court functions.

Wordsmiths joke that they are the “silent service” of the scribal community. They write the words, but most of the time others lay them down in beautiful calligraphy, or inscribe them in runes. The Heralds read them aloud in Court. Everyone ooohs and aahhs at the beautiful scroll art. The Wordsmith right along with everyone else because there is a great joy in sitting in court and hearing the herald read out a scroll text and knowing that “I wrote that.” If you are a Wordsmith, know that your work is heard and appreciated and that none of the pageantry and ceremony would be possible without your contributions.

An Tir honors exceptional Wordsmiths with a title: “Awarded to those who distinguish themselves as crafters of period written or spoken words which add to the authentic atmosphere. This includes wording for charters, scrolls, court wording, prose, poetry, performance pieces, letters, speech, and ceremonies.”

Wordsmiths of An Tir on the An Tir Order of Precedence

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