FAQ’s about Scribal

Please send your questions to Scribe@antir.org

  • I have painted Kingdom charters. Who do I give them to? Or: I need some Kingdom charters to paint, where do I get them?
    • The answer to both of these questions is your Regional Charter Distribution person. We are still working on an online directory for them, but in the meantime if you email the Kingdom Scribe, I can help put you in touch.
  • The seal on my award is broken. How do I get a replacement?
    • Email the Kingdom Scribe and they will issue you a new Kingdom seal.
    • For Principality seals contact the Principality Scribe.
    • For Baronial seals contact your Baronies scribe.

  • My award charter was lost/destroyed. Is it possible to get a replacement?
    • Yes, in most cases we can replace a lost or damaged charter. Contact Sable Scroll Historian, the Past Reign Charters deputy.

  • Why do I have to use gouache paints?
    • We use gouache paints for Kingdom Charters because they are opaque watercolors that most closely approximate the period pigments we are trying to mimic.

  • I am trying to paint a charter but I don’t know what color this badge is supposed to be, help?
    • Yes, the badges must be painted in their blazon colors, and we have a visual reference catalog for you here!
  • What is the paper used for charters?
    • The most commonly used paper for Kingdom charters is Astroparche 65 lb Cover in Natural, 11″x17″ sheets. Some reigns prefer different paper, but that is the current standard for all Kingdom charters.
  • What are the seals made of?
    • Kingdom seals traditionally have been made of Dop wax, a very hard, rigid wax that approximates Period sealing wax. The drawback to Dop wax is that it cracks and breaks quite easily. It is also rather difficult to work with and can be dangerous if not melted and poured with care. During Covid, when many scrolls and charters had to be mailed to the recipients, a substitute wax was found that has the same appearance as Dop, yet remains flexible, is very easy and safe to work with and can withstand the rigors of handling. This flexible wax is very popular for seal usage now.
  • I heard there is a form I need to include to have my work used in SCA publications, where would I find that form?
    • That is the “Creative Release” form and it can be found here. Fill it out and send it to Scribe@antir.org. The forms are uploaded to a private folder on the Kingdom OneDrive and maintained there.
  • What is the difference between the Kingdom Scribe and the Royal Scribe?
    • The Kingdom Scribe, Sable Sable, is the chief administrative officer for the An Tir College of Scribes. They take the reports, order the paper and seal wax, make the Kingdom seals and ensure that the branch scribes and the Royal Scribes have what they need to do their jobs. They serve for two to four years and report to Black Lion Principal Herald.
    • The Royal Scribes are members of the Royal Court and manage all awards for a specific reign and they change with each new reign. They are personally selected by each new King and Queen.

  • What is the 48 Hour Scribal Competition?
    • This is a series of contests organized by the Sable Preceptor to clear the backlog of scrolls due for the Kingdom. You can learn more about them here

  • What was the “Special Charters Project” during the Covid lockdown all about?
    • This was a project to create charters “In case of Reign” and you can learn about it here

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